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—Random Number Generation Numbers which are randomly generated during character creation (ie, if you decide you want to randomly roll for some or all stats) will be rolled by the GM. Email me and I’ll roll them. This is not so much to prevent cheating as to prevent the suspicion of cheating. If you suspect the GM will cheat, you can meet me on Furry to watch me roll. :P

You can see what your stat rolls are first and decide what kind of character to build afterwards.

I will only roll for numbers once. If I roll stats for your Herethroy and then you decide you want to make a Khtsoyis instead, that’s fine. But the Khtsoyis will use the same stat rolls that were generated for the Herethroy. —Post-Character Generation fiddling:

Since most of us have never played World Tree before and are unfamiliar with the rules and/or setting: if you discover during play that you are unhappy with some of your choices during chargen, then between sessions you can rearrange your PC’s starting arrangement of stats/skills/advantages.

If you end up not liking your PC at all, you can write up a new one and transfer most of your exp to the new character.


  • Durudor is inherently resistant to being affected directly by magic, but it will still be affected normally by the indirect effects of magic. Eg, a spell to turn metal into fire would be harder than a spell to turn wood into fire. But a Cr Py spell that created a 6’ fireball hot enough to melt iron would melt any iron that happened to be in the area of effect.
  • Metal armor does not generally confer additional resistance to magic to the wearer. The armor is harder to change or damage by spells that target it, but if the spells target the wearer (ie, a Corpador spell, or a Fire Flower), the naturally resistant nature of metal does not help (beyond what is specified in the spell description, such as the Soak value of armor being subtracted from damage.)
  • If a Prime (or any living being) replaces a significant portion of their body with metal (a metal prosthetic limb, for example), then that person will gain the usual resistance properties of being partially metal. This does not mean “immunity to all Corpador spells unless they include Durudor”. It does mean a large resistance bonus (+30 or so to low-complexity spells, less to higher-complexity ones) to Co-only spells. This resist bonus is also involuntary: the individual will have to make resistance rolls against beneficial spells (like healing) as well.
  • Purely decorative incorporation of metal into a living body (like earrings or other piercings, or a chitin inlay) does not confer the resistance properties of metal. However, an inlay of enough metal to function as additional armor /would/ qualify. Rule of thumb is that metal must form at least 1/19th of the body.


  • Some attack spells have a Duration: Instant and some have Duration: Real. These are functionally the same: injuries from the attack spells are real and will last until they are healed.

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