Rules Changes

Rules Changes

  • CHARISMA: As long as you opt not to take the -2 Disadvantage of “-1 to Charisma”, I will roll your bonus to Charisma on the following chart instead of on the standard stat-rolling chart:

1: 0
2: +1
3-5: +2
6: +3

There is no good reason for this, except that I like having pretty characters in my games.


  • FIRE BEES is removed from the spell list.
  • The Quick Squire (Mu Lo) Cplx 10: C. becomes dressed in non-metal armor that C. is currently in contact with but not wearing. This could be quite uncomfortable if C. is touching armor that doesn’t fit C. properly.
  • The Quick Squire of the Rich Warrior (Mu Lo Du) Cplx 20: As The Quick Squire, but applies to metal armor.
  • Use the Right Weapon (Mu Hr) Cplx 10: Target spear is enlarged to the length of a pike, or a target pike is shortened to the length of a spear. This is in proportion to the original weapon (eg, a spear sized for a Taptet would become a pike sized for a Taptet). There is an older and now less common version that causes the target to grow or shrink by P times 2%, but the fixed-length variant is generally regarded as more useful.
  • Use the Right Metal Weapon (Mu Hr Du) Cplx 20: As Use the Right Weapon, but works on a spear with a metal head and will enlarge the head appropriately as well.


  • /Slightly Open Mind/: -1: It’s often easy to tell what you’re thinking. Other PCs (and NPCs) can react to things you pose as thought bubbles. You do not let important secrets or facts slip out this way. Your resistance to mind-reading spells is low, however: -10 to M.R rolls.

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Rules Changes

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