Rules Additions

Rules Additions


The World Tree rules have skills for movement, but they don’t have specifics, like “A Run skill of 5 allows you to run at 6 mph” or “Run 2 = 10 feet per action”. I am thinking at the moment that I would like specifics, so I am going to make some up. Because these rules have not been playtested, they may change after I see them in action. Or not be used at all, if maps in an online game turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth.

Per initiative: FULL MOVE: Characters can make a FULL MOVE of 6 squares plus 1 square per point of applicable movement skill. Ie, if you have a Run skill of 4, a FULL MOVE is 10 squares. If you make a FULL MOVE, you cannot take any other action. If you are in water, the applicable movement skill will be swim. Zi Ri can buy a Flight skill to fly faster. Khtsoyis are slow; they always float at 6 squares and cannot buy movement skills.

HALF MOVE: A HALF MOVE is one half of a FULL MOVE, so 3 squares plus .5 squares per point of applicable movement skill. Round down. You can take another action, like make an attack, after a HALF MOVE, as long as it’s an action that makes sense after moving.

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